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Ospreys! Ospreys everywhere!

The ospreys are returning thick and fast — and thankfully, a lot of familiar names are home.
Ospreys! Ospreys everywhere!

It's been quite the week. More and more nests have both established ospreys back, as the breeding season gets off to a strong start.

Loads of news to catch up on, so let's get on with it. First up is the news of the return of an old, familar face…


Both of the resident ospreys are safely back at the nest. Mrs G — one of the oldest ospreys breeding on a livestreamed nest — was the first back:

Mrs G returns to Glaslyn! 25th March 2021 – Bywyd Gwyllt Glaslyn Wildlife

This marks her 18th confirmed season!

Her mate, Aran, returned today:

A seven year breeding partnership is quite something. Best of luck to them both for the season ahead.

Kielder Forest

The season kicked off on 25th March, when Nest 4's resident male Blue 69 arrived:

And so it begins…
Ospreys have been arriving in increasing numbers in the UK over the last few days. The breeding birds in Kielder Forest aren’t early arrivers – 24 March is our earliest confirmed date. …

Yellow 37 arrived the following day, on Nest 2, while his brother Nest 1A's White YA followed on the 28th March:

More arrivals
Footage at locally recording Nest 2 captured Glaslyn hatched Yellow 37 on the afternoon of 26 March. There had been a couple of segments earlier with no activity. 37 probably arrived in the early a…

All three males have been busy sorting their nests out.

And, finally, today another male — Blue W6 — arrived home on Nest 6:

Another Welsh arrival!
Despite continued wet and windy weather, Blue W6 arrived at his nest this morning. W6 on another wet day(c) Forestry England He arrived at 10.18. The image above is remotely downloaded. Better qual…


On March 26th, Telyn arrived:

This made the local paper:

Return of Telyn raises hopes of more chicks at Dyfi Osprey Project
ONE of Montgomeryshire’s most beloved part time residents has returned in time for spring.

And then just before I published this, her new mate, Idris arrived.

Here's some info about the cameras this year:

2021 DOP Cameras: 10 Things you Need to Know | Dyfi Osprey Project
Here are 10 things you need to know about the DOP 2021 nest cameras and Live Streaming: 1. Camera Upgrades Every year we incrementally improve the cameras and nest audio. Every five years or so, however, we have a major upgrade. 2021 is one of those big-changes year. 2.

Art Interlude


Resident male Dylan returned to his nest on 25th March. No sign of Seren, his mate from last year, yet. But on the 29th Telyn from Dyfi dropped by:

Two ospreys on an osprey nest in Wales
Dylan and Telyn on the Clywedog nest

And then…

Seren (Blue 5F) returns

Seren (Blue 5F) was back.

Foulshaw Moss

Both the resident birds arrived on March 26th:

Excitement as breeding ospreys return to Foulshaw Moss | Cumbria Wildlife Trust
As a successful pair of breeding ospreys returns to Foulshaw Moss Nature Reserve, will we have chicks for the eighth year running?


Resident male Blue 7A returned on 27th March:

Loch of the Lowes

On the 25th NC0, LM12's mate from last season, returned:

Ospreys reunite at Loch of the Lowes | Scottish Wildlife Trust
The osprey season at Loch of the Lowes Visitor Centre & Wildlife Reserve has truly begun with the arrival of resident female osprey NC0. Webcam viewers got their first look …

And now the anxious wait begins to see if they breed on this nest, or return to the new nest they used last year. Laddie (LM15) seems keen on his established nest, but can he persuade NC0?

• Watch the Loch of the Lowes nest


At least one osprey is hanging around the nest.

Manton Bay

Maya and 33 have been busy mating and nestorising. But they had a little company: 25(10) dropped by to say “hello” to her neighbours.

25(10)'s arrival the week before made the local paper:

Rutland Water welcomes back first osprey as spring migration begins
The breeding female arrived on Tuesday and was the first osprey to complete the 3,000km-plus journey for the second year running .

Other News

Tragedy in Malta

Osprey photographed being shot down over Malta
The image is a harrowing reminder of the rampant illegal activities that continue across the island during the migration season.

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