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Who's back? Laddie (LM12), Maya, one of her sons and…

Lots of early returners this year.
Maya, the resident female osprey at the Manton Bay nest.
Maya back at Manton Bay

Monday 14th

With ospreys starting to pop up on live-streamed nests, we waited to hear if any of them were familiar birds. And one of them was…

The osprey designated LM12, a male, on the webcam nest at Loch of the Lowes
LM12 on the nest at Loch of the Lowes

Tuesday 15th

Maya, the resident osprey female at Manton Bay in Rutland.
Maya, the resident female at Manton Bay

Maya, the resident female at the Manton Bay nest, is first seen back on the nest. This will be her 13th year breeding on this nest, and her 8th with Blue 33, if he returns…

Wednesday 16th

A possible osprey appears in the distance at the Loch Arkaig webcam:

Later behaviour suggests it was a different raptor, alas.

Thursday 17th

So, who was that mystery osprey mentioned on Monday? It was 8F(12), a 12 year old male from the Manton Bay nest. His mum was Maya, who is still the resident female on the nest. He now breeds at a nearby nest on private land.

And so it begins... | Leicestershire and Rutland Wildlife Trust
The Osprey Season here in Rutland has begun with the first Osprey returning at the weekend.

Friday 18th

The Brenig Osprey Project is looking for volunteers:

You could help to protect the ospreys by:
> Watching the osprey nest between the hours of 6pm and 8am, using online footage from the safety of your own home

After last year, this is not a surprise.

Saturday 19th

While there's a dearth of new ospreys after the early arrivals, at least there's some reading matter from Dyfi, with five things you need to know:

2022 Live Streaming Appeal | Dyfi Osprey Project
Every year we incrementally improve the cameras and nest audio. In 2022, however, we have a major upgrade. Here are five things you need to know about the DOP 2022 nest cameras and Live Streaming: 1. Camera Upgrades and Live Streaming Every year we incrementally improve the cameras and nest audio.

Sunday 20th

Rutland provides us with non-arrival news: one tracked osprey has yet to leave on migration:

Monday 21st

Two big pieces of news today.

Twice the Arkaig fun

First of all, there's some exciting news from the Woodland Trust about their Loch Arkaig nests. Later this week, they'll be switching on a second camera — on the nest that resident male Louis and his new mate Dorcha used last year.

This is the view:

The Woodland Trust's new Cam 2 at Loch Arkaig.

This was a big surprise. The general consenus when Louis moved was that putting a camera on this nest wouldn't be feasible. But, as the WT's George Anderson put it:

Jason from Wildlife Windows looked into it and reckoned it was feasible. The critical factor was having somewhere to put the solar panels to get enough energy. Final confirmation that it would all work was quite recent.

33 is back

Just under a week after his mate, the resident male in back at Manton Bay:

He and Maya started renewing their bond pretty quickly:

So, with our first live-streamed nest couple reunited, the count-down to the first egg laying begins…

Is there an EJ dynasty?

While we're waiting for more Ospreys to arrive, some happy news from Loch Garten. EJ, the much-missed matriarch of the nest, fledged 25 chicks but not a single one was ever seen again.

Until now:

In a strange twist of fate…not all of EJ’s offspring perished. There is now officially proof that at least one has survived. The leg ring that Alison had been chasing was ‘YELLOW/BLACK 27’ belonging to a chick ringed 17 years ago and is still presiding on the leg of an osprey that was now enjoying middle age on the Scottish coast.

So, one bird has been returning for a decade and a half. Let's hope that means that EJ's genes live on in generations of grand children and great grandchildren.

Read the whole story:

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Not Ospreys

Every year, we see that Egyptian Geese find osprey nests quite attractive…

🤞🏻 for more familiar birds to return this week.