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1st March: Glaslyn upgraded, Poole recorded and ospreys on Mars

With mere weeks to go before we start to see familiar ospreys back at their nests, the last preparations are being made for their return.
1st March: Glaslyn upgraded, Poole recorded and ospreys on Mars

Glaslyn: Upgrade Complete!

Happy news to start this update, with a post from the team at Glasyn explaining how they've managed to power a significant upgrade to the webcam for the nest. The work to connect the camera and microphone to the mains network is done, in time for the return (hopefully 🤞🏻) of Aran and Mrs G.

To think: we should have birds on nests within weeks now…

Our St David’s Day Surprise! – Bywyd Gwyllt Glaslyn Wildlife

New Jersey is osprey territory

The UK's ospreys had a pretty rough 2020, with many well-known breeding birds failing to return, and a general dearth of chicks across Scottish nests putting the Poole Harbour translocation on hiatus.

However, it looks like their New Jersey cousins over in the US had a far better year:

New Jersey Osprey Monitoring Project Weathers Pandemic to Record Productive Year for Species | The SandPaper
Keeping an eye on the stateu2019s osprey population last year proved a bit challenging for the New Jersey Osprey Monitoring Project, but the Conserve Wildlife Foundation and its volunteers persisted, and recorded another successful stretch for the species. u201cFrom social distancing and working fro…

Alan Poole talk

The talk by well-known osprey expert Alan Poole I mentioned in the last issue is now available as a video:

Osprey watchers needed — in Florida.

Any Floridians out there?

Osprey nest monitors needed on Captiva
The International Osprey Foundation is seeking “citizen scientists” on Captiva to locate and monitor osprey nests on. “Monitoring is easy and fun and can be done by land or sea,” Carol Smith, coordinator of the nest monitoring groups, said. TIOF has been monitoring osprey nests on Sanibel for over 2…

Ospreys on… Mars??!!??

Did you watch the Perseverance Rover landing on Mars? Did you realise there was — incredibly — a link to a favourite osprey nest in Scotland?

How Scottish ospreys became the stars of the latest NASA Mars landing
THE NAMES of a family of Lochaber ospreys are etched on the Perseverance Rover currently on the surface of Mars, it has emerged.

Richmond & Rosie reunited

Over in the US, Richmond seems to have finally noticed that his mate is home:

And here's a good collection of caps from the nest:

Rosie’s Return February 18, 2021
A new osprey season starts when Rosie returns to the nest. There is always much anticipation and anxious waiting by the humans for her return. This year, she returned, without fanfare, earlier than...

The Migratory Urge

A small piece of creative writing summing up what our favourite ospreys are feeling — and may be already acting upon.

Migratory Restlessness
“It’s getting stronger……The Urge…….Fat stores are packed, Can’t wait, I just can’t wait! Jump, flutter, hop hop…….. can’t sit still. And….…can’t stop turning……. north……….. that mysterious for…

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